What is our Wellbeing Ambassador Training Programme?

Some companies have wellbeing champions: volunteers who focus on improving the wellbeing of their fellow colleagues as part of the company’s overall wellbeing initiatives. Some companies even have mental health first aiders. These are people who have been trained to look out for the early warning signs of certain mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and so on. More importantly, they know how to approach someone discreetly, listen without judgement, encourage them to seek professional help and then signpost them in the right direction for that support. Very few companies, however (if any) have people trained in providing proven skills-based exercises to help their fellow colleagues manage their stress more effectively on a day-to-day basis. Say hello then, to the How To Be Wellbeing Ambassador Training Programme.

Taught across seven hour-long workshops, we can upskill the employees you select and teach them how to identify problems, formulate the unhealthy beliefs behind those problems, set goals, correct faulty thinking, maintain gains, bounce back from setbacks, and empower themselves. They would then be able to use those skills on other members of your staff to positive effect in one-to-one sessions or workshops.

We would then supervise these Ambassadors on a regular basis as they become more familiar with the processes we have taught them and also provide yearly continual professional development (CPD) courses to update their skillset.

Think of a Wellbeing Ambassador as not only someone your mental health first aider can signpost someone in need to, but also as a line of defence before therapy proper becomes necessary.

Here at How To Be, we believe prevention to be much better (and far less costly) than reparation. We think that preventing your employees from succumbing to work stress in the first place, rather than helping them to recover from something once work has burnt them out to be a very sound business decision indeed.

How To Be also provides other skills-based training and coaching programmes. Further information on these programmes, as well as the above Wellbeing Ambassador Training Programme, are available upon request.