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When it comes to wellbeing, one of the more important questions to ask first is, “what the hell is it?” This question can then be followed by other questions such as “why is it important to me?” and “how do I improve mine?” and then last, but certainly not least, “why is this important in the workplace?”

Simply put, wellbeing is a state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. But it goes deeper than that. Wellbeing has layers, it has dimensions. These include, not only physical and emotional dimensions, but also spiritual, occupational, and financial aspects, as well as more.

When we are happy, we are healthy. When we are healthy, we flourish. We feel more satisfied with our lives, we feel more connected and are more productive both personally and professionally.

When our wellbeing suffers, we suffer. We can become anxious, angry, depressed and more. Unhealthy and unhelpful coping strategies creep in which further decrease our wellbeing levels.

Looking after our wellbeing then is paramount. Especially given the year we’ve all just had. No one wants to go through that again!

When it comes to the workplace, wellbeing is just as important, if not more so. We spend more hours engaged in work than we do in any other activity. And yet, despite all the strides in employment laws and regulations, and our understanding of mental health issues, stress is still one of the leading causes of staff absenteeism.

This can cost your business thousands. It costs the UK economy millions.

Workplace wellbeing is also multidimensional and includes the physical, the emotional, the financial, the environmental and more.

Here at How To Be, we can help you with all aspects of mental health and wellbeing both at work and in the home. We are psychotherapists, coaches, nutritional therapists, and nurses. We are all experts in our fields.

How To Be is a consultancy. It can provide training, workshops, one-to-one therapy and coaching sessions, bespoke copy for your website, magazine or newsletter, as well practical policy advice and more.

We can help your organisation, and the people within it, to flourish both personally and professionally.

And so, as this article started with questions, it can also finish with questions. Questions such as, “how are you?” and “how do you want to be?” But, more importantly, the question is this, “would you like to know more?”

If you do, if you have any questions of your own, then please feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.